Tougher air emissions coming (in the US)

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Obama has continued his drive to undo 8 years of Bush. He has just reversed an order by Bush, signed 4 days before leaving office, that absolved Oil & Gas refineries from reducing carcinogenic air emissions. This is likely only the beginning of a wave of environmental regulations in the US, that will inevitably be emulated by Canada as various programs come into effect.

Though Obama has stated that the Tar Sands are an important part of the US energy mix, he will be pushing Canada to clamp down on the current free for all in Alberta. In all likelihood, our GHG regulations and air emission limits will be brought in line with the US.

From Bloomberg:

President Barack Obama is considering new curbs on U.S. oil refineries whose gas emissions pose a cancer risk to hundreds of thousands of people living near the plants, setting up a potential conflict with companies over the cost of new regulations.

The White House suspended a ruling signed by President George W. Bush four days before he left office that found refiners were adequately controlling benzene and other cancer- causing gases, said Cathy Milbourn, a spokeswoman at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The decision may lead to regulations requiring some of the 156 refineries in the U.S. to add or upgrade equipment or limit the burning of waste gases, the environmental group Natural Resources Defense Council said. New restrictions might prompt a lawsuit by refiners, which have spent about $100 billion in almost two decades to lower pollution, according to an industry group.

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