Your options for Canadian Environmental Compliance Information and Tools

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When it comes to canadian environmental laws, you have a few options.

First, you can consult government websites – they have the laws and some guidance. To simply gain access to legislation and standards, the people at Eco-Log and CCOHS offer good service at reasonable prices. To simply receive environmental law updates, you can subscribe to CERCN and Environmental Compliance Insider or various law firms’ newsletters.

For management tools for your legal register, you can handle it in excel or outsource it to a consulting firm.

Lastly, for explanations of existing laws, there are books by lawyers and publishing houses that deal with the big issues in the large jurisdictions.

However, the only service that offers all the above mentioned features (and much more) is Nimonik. On cost, we are competitive. I could break down the costs, but it becomes tricky as the formats differ (some services charge per province, others per user and others by topic); we try to keep it simple: monthly fees per province, federal information free and unlimited users – that’s it.

While the services mentioned above offer high-quality information, none have the dynamic functionality of Nimonik. Notably, with Nimonik you can create a legal register in a fraction of the time it normally takes – by relying on our topics on common environmental concerns. We then maintain that register for you, satisfying ISO 14001 4.3.2 Legal and Other Requirements. You can host permits with us, consult our centralized calendar and share best practices. I think Nimonik is the way to go, but then again, I may be a bit biased.