Sustainability & Environment Best Practices

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We are very pleased to announce that we are working with Ethipedia to improve the best practices found in Nimonik. offers sustainability best practices on issues ranging from energy management, to travel and waste remediation.

Started by the team at Ethiquette, and funded by the CSN’s Fondaction group, the site is designed to allow people to easily share and comment on best practices. Though Ethipedia is just getting off the ground, with its list of partners, it is shaping up to be quite useful for environmentally concerned businesses.

On another note, we have changed our best practices section to “Guidelines” as it includes everything from CSA standards to government programs to best practices. Below is a list of some of the best practices that we have already added to Nimonik from Ethipedia, to get access to our best practices and guidelines, sign up for a free acount now.

  • IBM Bromont assesses the environmental responsibility of its suppliers.
  • The Tamié Abbey recycles the biogas from its cheese dairy
  • Instilling corporate social responsibility among employees
  • A corporate plan to reduce the environmental impact of employee travel
  • A Printing Service That Persuades Clients to Choose Recycled Paper
  • Bruneau (3SI group) includes energy conservation in profit-sharing bonus
  • Auchan’s fish counter involved in a more sustainable trade
  • Molson Energy Conservation Programme
  • DK6, a GDF SUEZ subsidiary harnessing technological innovation for industrial ecology