New topics overview

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Just made a quick overview (see below) of the Topics section of Nimonik, Higher Quality Video here. Today, we have 18 topics that cover canadian environmental obligations, these topics include:

  1. Air Emissions
  2. Approvals, Authorizations or Permits
  3. Contaminated Sites
  4. Emergency Situations
  5. Environmental Impact Assessments
  6. Fuel Transfers
  7. General Waste Management and Stewardship
  8. Halocarbons
  9. Hazardous Material Management
  10. Hazardous Waste Management
  11. PCB Management
  12. Pesticide Management
  13. Petroleum Products Storage Tanks
  14. Pollution Inventories
  15. Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  16. Transportation of Hazardous Wastes
  17. Used Oil Management
  18. Wastewater Discharges

Consult the federal topics, free of charge here.