Doing away with wasteful waste

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Greenies often complain about the sheer amount of garbage society produces. They are right, we produce a lot. Yet, the challenge is not to simply reduce the quantity of garbage, but to re-define it. Plastic is extremely useful. It saves lives, makes items more affordable and accessible and is generally beneficial to society. That being said, we need to redefine what packaging is. There is no reason why all packaging cannot be biodegradable, packaging can become a nutrient as opposed to a contaminant.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, located in the Northern Pacific Ocean, is made up of millions of tons of plastic garbage. Truly disgusting. This would not exist if our plastics were designed properly. To promote the existence of this garbage whirlpool, David de Rothschild is setting out on a boat made of garbage. See Gaurdian article for more information. Hopefully, an increased awareness of the hazards of tradition plastics and opportunity of new plastics will accelerate society’s transition.

Sun Chips, has just announced plans to make all the bags biodegradable. Imagine if all food companies did this. Heck, imagine if all packaging had to be biodegradable. They tried just that in Europe, but the idea was defeated by the powerful packaging industry, yet it is inevitable. Anyone in the industry admits that much; more and more companies are realizing this is the future. See the interesting ad below (found the clip via Walk Softly Blog)