Client-to-client collaboration

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Interesting post at Law 21 today discussing three types of collaboration in legal knowledge: lawyer-to-lawyer (L2L), lawyer-to-client (L2C) and the more disruptive (for lawyers anyway) client-to-client (C2C), a feature Nimonik is developing. Here’s how Jordan describes C2C:

In C2C collaboration, clients pool their own legal knowledge and resources to form a vast living database that has the potential to replace much of what lawyers sell. One of the disruptive legal technologies discussed by Richard Susskind in The End of Lawyers? — and emphasized by him during his TECHSHOW keynote address — is “closed client communities” that draw upon their members’ collective experience and wisdom in legal matters.

None of which spells the end of lawyers, according to Jordan. Still, the issue of the cost of legal services remains:

Will C2C collaboration make lawyers irrelevant? Of course not — there are extremely few areas of law where even the best-informed clients can wisely go it alone. But C2C collaboration will be one of the forces that will greatly narrow the range of profitable services lawyers can sell. It will hasten the arrival of the day where most of what lawyers do consists of high-value analysis, judgment and counsel, rather than knowledge and process. And quite frankly, it would also constitute a step towards greater access to justice for a lot of people.