Canada announces cap-and-trade system, tar sands freeze and will move to a clean energy grid in 10 years

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In a bold move to counter criticism that his government is too timid on economic stimulus, Prime Minister Harper, along with all the provincial premiers, have announced bold plans to push Canada into a green 21st century.

First, the leaders have jointly agreed to a cap and trade system that will see carbon emissions reduced by 70% in 20 years. Second, Alberta and the Federal authorities have placed a freeze on all new Tar Sands developments, as suggested by former premier Peter Lougheed. New projects will have to pass stringent environmental tests before approval.

The Federal government and provincial leaders have committed to shuttering all fossil fuel based power plants and move to a 100% clean energy grid by 2020. Last, but certainly not least, taxes on diesel and gasoline will be brought in line with european taxes (which should result in an increase of nearly 73% at the pump).

Happy April Fools!

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