Saving print, rising above “Good”

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Some people say the printed page is on a slow, inexorable, march towards death, we tend to agree. However, there is still hope in the dismal newspaper world. The video below demonstrates how taking a design centered approach to a newspaper can help it beat the technology revolution; the designer in question, Jacek Utko, looks at a newspaper as one complete work – as opposed to a series of articles. He then applies fabulous layout, typography and consistency to produce a product people want to purchase – what a crazy idea! His main point is this, “Any industry, no matter how dull and boring, can be made great. It only takes determination, vision, drive and an understanding that good is not good enough”

We apply this philosophy everyday at Nimonik, constantly improving the technology and content. From our point of view, there is a tremendous opportunity to improve environmental management, it simply takes drive and determination. Take a look at this wonderful, inspirational, 6 minute talk on rising above mediocrity and beating the odds.

Update: Here is an interview with Jacek Utko, where he states that newspapers will die, and jut before death, will be at their finest (design) hour.