Exxon still using single hull boats

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A recent story by Bloomberg News indicates Exxon, of the infamous Exxon Valdeez, is still using single hull ships to move oil around the world. In fact, they used more single hull vessels last year than the next 10 oil companies combined.In their defense, Exxon saves money with this practice

Exxon saved an estimated $18 million last year using single-hull vessels, based on the number of times it hired such ships multiplied by 2008 rental rates from Drewry Shipping Consultants Ltd. and average durations compiled by Bloomberg. Hiring a double-hull replacement for SeaRiver Long Beach for a year would have cost about $25 million using the same rates.

How ridiculous. As most countries are phasing out single hull tankers (The US in 2015, EU in 2013 and the UN next year), Exxon still uses them. When will companies learn that a little extra cost can make a huge difference for the environment and save you money in the long term – the Valdeez spill cost Exxon 7 billion dollars.

On another note, Bloomberg seems to have cut their Environment News Feed on the iPhone, what’s going on with that?