New Topic – Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

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Even though the global economic downturn has effectively eliminated the market for many recycled materials (paper, plastics and glass), provinces in Canada have been pushing ahead with EPR, or Stewardship, programs.

Sure EPR is catchy, but what does it mean? Extended Producer Responsibility makes the producer (manufacturer, distributor, importer) responsible for the life-cycle management of their products, including financing the collection and recycling of discarded products. Programs created to meet these requirements are usually funded by the producer and the consumer, and not the tax-payer.

As is the case with everything in Canada, each province has pretty much the same EPR programs in place. And as is also typically Canadian, each provincial program is deceptively different. How to navigate this bewildering regulatory landscape? Simple. Check out NIMONIK’s brand new topic: General Waste Management and Stewardship. You can already find information for Québec, Ontario and British Columbia, with other jurisdictions coming soon.