ISO 14001 Legal Registers

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A major challenge with ISO 14001:2004 and equivalent systems is legal registers. In our experience, we have seen registers in various formats and with different content, but one common thread is their difficulty to update them. When companies undergo ISO 14001 audits, they rush to update their legal registers – often using consultants or lawyers at a heavy cost. With NIMONIK, your register will always be up-to-date and ready to use .

With Nimonik, you can create Facilities which allows you to build and host three items:

  1. A Legal Register
  2. An Impact-Aspect Register
  3. Documents related to your facility (permits, certificates of authorization, corporate requirements…)

If you have existing registers, we can import them into the system. If you want to create new registers, you can use our templates to quickly get you started. If you have many facilities with similar activities, you can share registers between those facilities. Nimonik will then update your registers and notify you if the legislation you have referenced has changed.

By creating an integrated legal and aspect-impact register, you are constantly in conformance with 4.3.2 of ISO 14001. Our system links the legislation, guidance text, your legal and aspect and impact registers – updating them on a continual basis and issuing your team emails when changes might affect your operations.

Anytime legislation you have referenced changes, you will receive email notifications. By hosting your register online at Nimonik, you can share it with your colleagues and build institutional memory via comments and changes. For permits, we will notify you when a permit is about to expire and must be renewed. Essentially, Nimonik brings the broader environmental obligations down to an operational level. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.


The system links your requirements to our plain language guidance, our updates and you receive notifications by email. See the video below for more details: