A Beautiful Sight – The car of the future?

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I just came across an amazing car entering production in California. It is called the Aptera and it is beautiful. Powered electrically, a 100 mile range and the upcoming hybrid version gets a mind-boggling 300 mpg. Who says the whole world can’t have cars? It is safe, sleek and damn cool. Though not as fast as a Tesla Roadster, it is much more affordable (28k vs. 100k for the Tesla).

Last week, I spoke about how automation can help us break the Malthusian cycle, this is just another example of how we can have our cake and eat it too. One of the things that I love with the Aptera is their attention to detail. They have completly redesigned the windshield wiper to avoid any drag. A traditional windshield wiper on a traditional car has MORE drag than the entire Aptera! Their fantastic website has a lot more information; but in short,  they have completely re-thought how cars should be built.

At Nimonik, we are constantly fine tuning the look, feel and words on the site. Details matter, a lot. Personally, I am holding out on any car purchase until I can get an electric car, just a couple more years…

Here is a review from Popular Mechanics: