Press Release: NIMONIK Announces New Version of Subscription Service

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Major enhancements include hosting of legal registers, collaborative forums and more accessible explanations of legal text.

NIMONIK Inc., the leading provider of web-based collaborative tools to help companies access and manage their environmental obligations, announced a new version of its Nimonik subscription service with enhanced capabilities that will allow clients to keep abreast of legal requirements through shared processes and new hosting services for legal registers.

“Environmental compliance is becoming top of mind for environmental managers,” says Nimonik co-founder Jonathan Brun. “Companies are under greater scrutiny to show compliance with an increasing number of environmental requirements.”

Each client will now be able to upload its environmental legal register in Nimonik, online, to ensure that it is kept up-to-date on a continuous basis, fully satisfying ISO 14001 4.3.2 requirements.

Historically, industrial environmental managers have been expected to keep abreast of complex developments in environmental law, from hazardous waste management to pollution inventory requirements, and match them with their company’s activities. The common tool typically used for this exercise has been the excel spreadsheets, but its content then risks becoming outdated in a matter of months. To remain on top of new developments, constant monitoring is required, and time-consuming. “Nimonik changes all that,” says Brun.

Subscribers to Nimonik can also easily access simplified explanations of legal requirements organized thematically and share best practices through collaborative exchanges with peers in other companies.

Using internet technology commonly found in sites such as Wikipedia, Amazon, Facebook and others,NIMONIK provides a forum for an online community of environmental managers. It allows companies to share information regarding environmental compliance, get clear explanations on their requirements, leave comments, upload environmental permits and build institutional memory.

“Nimonik saves the environmental manager’s time and energy that can be better spent on problem solving rather than sifting through a maze of government regulations to find out the latest in environmental regulations and notices,” says Brun.

A basic subscription includes legislative updates and plain language explanations while an SME or Corporate subscription allows you to build and maintain a legal register.

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