Bulletin: New Stewardship Programme for Companies that Distribute or Produce Product Packaging or Printed Paper

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Here is a bulletin from our site, it was published on January 3rd, 2009.

Under the new New Product Stewardship Regulations, the companies that produce or distribute product packaging or printed paper (stewards) in Manitoba are responsible for developing a program to manage designated wastes.

The Regulation targets all product packaging and printed papers that would normally be managed through a municipal waste management system, but must now be included under a stewardship program plan.

There are no product fees or levies identified in regulation. Industry will be required to determine an appropriate financial system and propose fees to ensure the sustainable management of all designated material.

There are also no requirements for licensing. Industry Stewards must operate or participate in a stewardship program or cannot sell their products in Manitoba.

This regulation comes into force on the day it is registered under The Regulations Act.