Arctic Sea Ice Dramatically Increases

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A recent report from the University of Illinois’s Arctic Climate Research Center claims that there has been a dramatic increase in polar sea ice levels. A good summary of the data can be found here. Essentially, the report states that this year, 2008, has seen the largest fluctuation ever in polar sea ice extent – and it was an increase in ice. There is also evidence of significant increases in plant growth around the planet due to international enemy #1 – CO2.

So what does this mean? Is global warming a hoax? Is this a temporary anomaly in the inevitable trend towards an ice free north? Actually, I think it means nothing. 

The only sensation the increase in arctic ice causes me is awe. The earth’s ecosystem is incredibly complex and we have only scratched the surface. Predicting long term weather patterns is exactly like predicting stock prices, good luck. 

With a dramatic lack of humility, the debate on both sides of the greenhouse gas theory has become polarized. We need to sit back and appreciate the complexity of nature, and then move forward with smart things that will improve society and the planet. More efficient products, less hazardous chemicals and less waste. In essence: Create more value with less damage. It is that simple.

Related is a fantastic interview with Michael Crichton on his last book and his view on Global Warming. He is a brilliant man and possible the Jules Verne of our times, whether or not you agree with him.

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