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It’s been several months since I started working on NIMONIK as a software developer and it has been very exciting to develop the software for this project.

I feel that by simplifying the compliance to Environmental Regulations, we can help reduce environmental problems and encourage companies to do more.

In addition to environmental practices, we have implemented a number of good software development practices.

From the software development side, I am glad that I was able to bring the best practices dealing with common issues in software development. One practice we adhere to is short iterations. In our case, we use weekly iterations. At the beginning of every week, we decide what features to work on and at the end we deploy what has been developed during the weekly iteration. Every Sunday evening,, the live application, is updated and the latest features become available to the members.

During the week of November 24th, our subscription system was mainly worked on. The user can subscribe by email to what we call “update report”, which contains the legislative changes relevant to your jurisdictions and sectors.

From now on, I will post on the new features in each weekly iteration.