The Toughest Diesel Emission Standards in USA Recently Adopted in California

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California has the most polluted air in the USA. The State just adopted landmark regulations : USA toughest diesel emission standards for the trucks and buses on its highways (Dec 12, 2008). The regulations will be fully implemented by 2023 and will result in high compliance costs. 

Starting in 2011, polluting trucks and buses not as clean as newer models will have to be replaced. Tougher federal emissions standards currently apply to the newer models. Nearly a million vehicles will have to be replaced or retrofitted with smog traps, filters or cleaner-burning technology. By 2014, trucks must have soot filters. By 2023, no truck or bus in California will be allowed to be older than 13 years, unless it has equipment to cut nitrogen oxide emissions.

High Compliance Costs vs. Major Benefits : State officials said the compliance cost is outweighed by an estimated $48 billion to $69 billion in health benefits for Californians afflicted with illnesses caused by breathing diesel fumes. The Regulations are expected to prevent 9,400 premature deaths, improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gases. California also has more than $1 billion in funding aid available in loan programs and bond money to help businesses replace their fleets.

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