Presentation at New Tech Meet-Up

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I recently presented at a monthly meeting of technology start-ups in Montréal. Below is the video of the 8 minute talk which covered web 2.0 for industry and a brief demo of our site. The quality is average and I manage to stand outside the camera frame for 3/4 of the video. Lastly, below the video is the text of one longer slide that is not clearly visible within the video.

Committees, Ugh!

“In most companies, software below $1000 can be bought without any additional approvals.  Above that, software purchases have to be approved by a committee. Baby-sitting this process is so expensive for software vendors that it doesn’t make sense to charge less than $50,000. 

If you make something originally priced at $5 000, you have to sell it for $50,000 to turn a profit.

The purpose of the committee is presumably to ensure that the company doesn’t waste money.  And yet the result is that the company pays 10 times as much for an inferior product.”

– (Heavily) Inspired From Paul Graham – Artists Ship