Building a community, connecting environmental managers

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A recent blog post by Seth Godin outlined ways to do business online (post: here).

In summary he says, “connect the disconnected to each other and you create value.”

  1. Connect advertisers to people who want to be advertised to.
  2. Connect job hunters with jobs.
  3. Connect information seekers with information.
  4. Connect teams to each other.
  5. Connect those seeking similar.
  6. Connect to partners and those that can leverage your work.
  7. Connect people who are proximate geographically.
  8. Connect organizations spending money with ways to save money.
  9. Connect like-minded people into a movement.
  10. Connect people buying with people who are selling.

Of these items, we directly tackle items 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9.

  • Our constant updates and plain language explanations of environmental legislation provide much needed information.
  • Environmental managers at different facilities can share comments, concerns and issues through NIMONIK.
  • You can meet like minded environmental managers from other companies by leaving comments open to the entire NIMONIK community and getting their feedback.
  • We have lowered our price-point so consultants and associations can see our system, use it, and recommend it to their clients.
  • NIMONIK saves you money by saving you time, it’s that simple.
  • We hope to start a mouvement of corporate collaboration with simple, easy to use web technology. 

NIMONIK is really about building a community of like-minded environmental managers, consultants and companies. We hope you help us build this thriving community with your comments and feedback.