New, stricter, PCB regulations in place in Canada

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As a result of the environmental and health concerns associated with PCBs, the Government has adopted a number of regulations since 1977 to minimize exposure to PCBs and their environmental releases. Under the current Regulations, owners of in-use PCBs and equipment containing PCBs may continue to use these until the end of their service life.

The PCB Regulations set specific deadlines for:

  • ending the use of PCBs in concentrations at or above 50 mg/kg,
  • eliminating all PCBs and equipment containing PCBs currently in storage, and
  • limiting the period of time PCBs can be stored before being destroyed.

These requirements, together with the more stringent release limits, will further reduce releases of PCBs into the environment. The labelling and reporting requirements for PCBs provide the necessary information to monitor progress towards end-of-use targets. The Regulations also establish sound practices for the better management of the remaining PCBs in use (i.e. those with content of less than 50 mg/kg), until their eventual elimination.

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