Beyond Environmental Compliance

Jonathan Brun

Canadian Environmental Regulations are getting stricter and broader by the day. We are here to help, but some companies are taking very proactive action (see this article from the Harvard Business Review). The first step to moving beyond compliance, is to understand the laws and regulations affecting your business – and even more importantly, staying on top of changes. Without that knowledge, how can you move beyond compliance? 

Though the article mentioned above applies mainly to the United States, it is very valid here in Canada. By proactively reducing your greenhouse gas emissions (Notice with respect to reporting of greenhouse gases (GHGs) for 2008), waste generation (Reg 347 in Ontario) and use of dangerous goods (Federal TDG Regulations, National Fire Code) – you expose your operations to less risk and lower management costs. If you are serious about your green image and environmental performance it is clear that understanding regulations is the bedrock of any sustainability initiative.