In praise of plain language

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Why are our laws and regulations so unreadable? Mostly because the way lawmakers write has little to do with everyday language. Instead they tend to favour an archaic and convoluted writing style known as legalese. Making matters worse, our legal obligations vary from one province (or territory) to the next, and legal compliance is further complicated by a growing body of regulations.

Happily, there is a growing international movement promoting the use of plain language in the public and private sectors with regards to legal writing. And why not? The case for plain language is compelling. Ignoring of one’s legal obligations can have serious and sometimes expensive consequences.

At Nimonik, we believe that businesses have a right to understand how to comply with environmental regulations. We believe that legal writing should be simple, grammatically correct, modern, and use everyday words as much as possible, without sacrificing the complexity of the law.

The idea behind Nimonik is to provide our subscribers with a detailed yet accessible roadmap through the labyrinth of environmental law, as it applies to their activities.