Musings on compliance issues, environment, health and safety mostly.

Compliance is a team sport. To ensure your operations are compliant, you need everyone on the same page and working towards the same goal. That is why Nimonik has moved away from per user (or per seat) charges and provides unlimited users on your account. We encourage you to spread access to NimonikApp and Nimonik […]

Nimonik is thrilled to announce a new feature on and Nimonik Audit for iPad and iPhone: Smart Audits with Jump Questions. Audits and inspections can now contain logic, allowing you to skip questions based on your responses to other questions. This feature is particularly useful for large, complex regulatory compliance audits in Canada, the […]

Many emerging economies have a tremendous number of environmental problems, including, but not limited to, air pollution, drinking-water contamination, sanitation and waste management, industrial waste and depletion of natural resources. The exploitation of oil reserves and minerals remains a priority for many governments of emerging economies. The environmental consequences of such activities have significant impacts […]

Nimonik is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Echoline, which, thanks to its online-based software ECHOVEILLE®, provides tailor-made regulatory monitoring in compliance with the norms ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 in France and Europe. The 18-year experienced CEO along with Echoline’s team make them a valuable asset for Nimonik thus expanding its market to […]

Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC) are a group of employees and employer spokespersons who report health and safety issues to the employer. JHSC must hold frequent meetings, evaluate risks and find a way to increase safety. The first set of checklists may be used by those working a wide variety of industries and specifically […]

Based on customer feedback, we have rolled out a new feature that allows you to quickly see all of the outstanding corrective actions or NCRs, organized by Audit. Simply go to your global Audits page and you will see a red icon with the number of corrective actions outstanding, hover over it to see details. […]

Nimonik works with many food producers and packagers, in fact we support compliance efforts at America’s second largest bakery, which produces over 5.1 million loafs of bread a week! In addition to bakeries, we work with salmon farms, dairy producers and other companies that provide food to millions of people around the world. To help […]

Keeping your hotel clean and safe is essential. Nimonik works with hotels, motels, hostels, bed and breakfasts and other lodging organizations around the world to ensure their rooms and facilities are clean and safe for their employees and guests. With our EHS Audit Mobile iPad App, your staff can efficiently inspect and issue reports on […]

Nimonik is thrilled to announce a new, simpler and more powerful way to manage users on In summary, you now have two levels of users, administrators and General Users. An Administrator can see, edit and delete everything on the account and can manage users, change subscription plan or even delete the account entirely. In […]

The following checklists and risk assessment checklists help you and your colleagues identify and control different kinds of risks that you should be aware of. As a responsible company, you must ensure that hazards are avoided and controlled in a business. These free checklists can be used by managers and supervisors. The checklists cover what […]