Lessons Learned in Mobile EHS Auditing

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Mobile auditing for environmental, health and safety and quality issues is only growing in popularity. Working with organizations in a variety of industries – from food manufacturing to oil and gas – we have a learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t with mobile auditing. In the presentation below Nimonik’s CEO, Jonathan Brun, highlights some of the issues facing EHS and quality auditors who wish to adopt mobile technology.

We discuss how mobile auditing technology can reduce corruption in supply chains and corruption when auditing in a fully automated. The presentation covers key elements such as pricing, testing, communication, benefits and some of the gaps that still exist with mobile auditing tech. The presentation also addresses some of the major items you should address when transferring auditor knowledge from an older generation of professionals to a newer one.

This presentation was delivered at the National Auditing Roundtable Conference in 2016 in Tempe, Arizona as well as at the BLR Safety Summit 2016 in Austin, TX. You can learn more about mobile EHS auditing, in this free presentation and slides.

For more information on this presentation, on mobile technology or on other issues, simply reach out to us at info@nimonik.com.

Nimonik Expert EHS Webinar Series: Lessons Learned in Mobile EHS Auditing from Jonathan Brun on Vimeo.